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Discover a new form of city sightseeing with unique multimedia tours on buses with on-board screens. Our guided sightseeing tours are accompanied by historic film footage, photographic images, and audio material, while our unique 'Movie City' tours take you to original film locations and show footage from the films on-screen.

The videoBustour is:

  • a mix of sightseeing and infotainment
  • a city tour as an event
  • accompanied by historical, contemporary, and animated images and films
  • presented on several monitors by entertaining guides

The videoBustour shows:

  • what no other sightseeing tour shows
  • sensational events and a moving past
  • buildings which have disappeared and unique personalities
  • inaccessible places, exciting perspectives, and interior views

The videoBustour is for you:

  • always flexible according to your needs and wishes
  • available at various locations and regions and at various times,
  • or as a round-trip, shuttle service, or transfer
  • for entertainment, training purposes, PR...
  • available in many languages