Teambuilding  Streetart

Become the Banksy! With your own spray can at work, our artists at hand and behind you your creative team

Create your masterpieces on canvas or masonry! We are not only active in Berlin, Europe’s street art capital, but also in Leipzig and Hamburg!

Graffiti, street art, urban art: this art has long since discarded its dirty image. Banksy is traded in galleries; companies have their headquarters refined by street art artists - and we show you how Street Art works.

Take a can in your hand and be creative yourself. In Berlin, but also in other cities, our artists are on location and are happy to pass on their knowledge and skills. We look for cool locations or come directly to you! You can also book an artist for an event or let him spray your personal artwork. But better: You become an artist yourself

Street art


Our classic workshop. With spray cans or other materials. On canvases, wall pieces, bags or other surfaces, alone or in a team — here you will learn the basics of graffiti and street art. We are also happy to include topics that are important for you or your group. So, it will not only be a fun activity, but a team-building with a lasting effect.

Street art

Paint the wall

Street art in Berlin is inextricably linked to the Wall. It was the first canvas for the artists. Now the wall is gone, but the creativity has remained. Paint and spray your own piece of wall. We build you up again from large individual building blocks, consisting of hard cardboard. And in keeping with the lucky day of the Germans 30 years ago, November 9, 1989, the end of the story is “Tear down this wall”!

street art

Tape Art

Glue the world as you like it! The newest perspective of street art for live experience and do-it-yourself. Here you will learn how to make really cool street art with the everyday object tape. This young art form is called Tape Art. Our artists show different tapes, graphic styles, different techniques, and effects. After a short introduction you can glue your own tape art picture and take it with you – by yourself or in a team.

Street art

Streetart Rally

Experience Berlin’s subculture directly and solve creative tasks: This is the street art rally. Off the beaten tourist track you are on your way, equipped with an iPad. It goes back and forth between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. And in between, you’ll have to create some street art works of your own as a team! Creativity wins!

We would be pleased to make you an individual offer for your custom-made teambuilding event.