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On roads and paths, on water and from the air: discover cities from all sides!

Move creatively — discover for yourself — relive stories: with sightseeing during time travel.

Beyond the usual tourist paths, we discover the city — and find routes that provide a glimpse behind the scenes. With different means of transportation, always accompanied by our time travel experts, we go on a journey of discovery. As individual as possible, we adapt the city tours to the wishes of our guests .

Would you like to discover one of these cities with us? Berlin, Hamburg, München, Leipzig, Dresden

Guided tours

On foot it goes into the Kieze. Away from the main sights we want to explore the special spirit of a city. Our street art tours are very popular. 



Almost every German city has its river. Whether a historic salon boat on the Spree, a launch on the Elbe or a raft on the Isar: on the waterway you will discover new facets of a city.


Vintage cars

Travel back in time with a means of transport from the past! An oldtimer tour through Munich, a historic bus tour through Hamburg, a Trabi tour through Berlin …



City tours make you thirsty – and hungry. And we will make sure that during or after the tour you are also well entertained culinarily: Whether a picnic or a curry sausage – sometimes in between or as the right dinner in the evening: food connects!